Washington County Food Council

Washington County Community Food Council (WCCFC) is  an action-based coalition that brings together stakeholders from diverse, food-related areas to monitor, evaluate, and improve the performance of our local food system.

The WCCFC aims to increase food production capacity, expand access to healthy food to all Washington County residents, disseminate resources and link key stakeholders and growers together in order to promote stronger collaborations and improve visibility of existing efforts.

We envision a strong food system that is is economically vibrant, improves access to healthy foods for all residents, and is environmentally sustainable for generations to come.

What can a community food council do?

  • Advance infrastructure and local economic development
  • Improve public health
  • Strengthen farmland production and protection
  • Strengthen natural seafood production opportunities and improve seafood access
  • Sustain regional food policy council
  • Facilitate outreach and education
  • Improve local, regional, equitable nutritious food access

Learn more about the WCCFC:

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