Who We Are

Rose M. Gaffney School in Machias:

Twelve students from the Jobs for Maine Graduates class and the National Honor Society comprise the Washington County: One Voice youth coalition group at Rose M. Gaffney.  These students are a fun-loving, dedicated bunch, and are led by Shannon Micklus, the Jobs for Maine Graduates teacher.  Mrs. Micklus loves Washington County, and frequently talks to her students about the importance of giving back to this wonderful piece of Maine that we call home.  The students have discussed many important issues this year, and have been working on skits to present to their school staff and peers about bullying and what can be done to stop it.  It’s a joy to watch them in action!

What’s our favorite thing about the RMG group? Their sense of humor!  This group effortlessly combines the seriousness of their tasks with the joy of being together as a team.  They embody the quote given to them by their MYAN training partner, Heidi Randall, “You have to take your job more seriously than yourself.”

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Eastport Elementary School:

Fifteen students make up the Civil Rights Team in Machias, which took on the challenge of improving their youth leadership skills by becoming a Washington County: One Voice group.  Already established and working hard, this group is a force to be reckoned with in their school!  Each student who attends the group can tell you the importance of their mission to rid their school of bullying, and each student is committed to being the one to embrace their fellow students and stand up for those whose voices are being silenced. The students are fortunate to be led by Tara Poole, an educational technician who is half-time at Eastport Elementary and half-time at Shead High School.  Ms. Poole cares deeply about both schools being a safe place for all students to attend.

What’s our favorite thing about the Eastport group?  Their dedication!  These kids have no problem telling you who they are, what they want, and how they are going to go about getting it!  How can they do this so easily?  Each student can tell you a little about each of their group mates and what they bring to the team.  There is no finer example of acceptance!

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Lubec Consolidated School:

Over twenty students have been involved in this newly formed group in Lubec.  This group has the unique distinction of becoming the Lubec Youth Council and a Washington County: One Voice group all at the same time!  This group has been advocating for youth programming in their community.  They are partnering with local community groups and other adults to get their voices heard!  The Lubec Youth Council is led by Diane Tyler, who has incorporated the youth leadership and advocacy lessons into her health curriculum.

What’s our favorite thing about the Lubec group? Their passion!  These students are quick to connect the issues they see in their community to their own lives, and they know what those issues mean for them in the future.  They aren’t afraid to voice their thoughts and opinions, but they are just as quick to share their hopes and dreams for the place that they live and go to school.  Just a short discussion with these students will inspire anyone to hope for change the way they do!

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