Infrastructure for Washington County

Washington County: One Community (WC:OC) is a member of a Regional Planning Group.  Two of the common initiatives the group is looking to develop are Transportation Infrastructure for Economic Development for Washington County and Access to Quality Healthcare Services.

Preparing for the 21st Century, this task will assemble all existing plans and policies and determine the options for filling gaps in our transportation infrastructure, modernizing our assets, and prioritizing capital investments.

Desired outcomes the group is looking to achieve are; an efficient transportation system for movement of goods, services and people within the region and providing access to global markets and quality healthcare.

The Transportation Access Planning Group; identified current transportation assets, resources and gaps in linking individuals with health care services.

WC:OC has been working with transportation & health care providers to implement a system to help coordinate needed transportation access for clients. WC:OC will assist heath care providers to identify and implement additional systems that improve linkages between individuals and quality preventive services (e.g. telemedicine opportunities; community health outreach work).

WC:OC is in the final stages of developing a Transportation Services Guide. The intended outcome of the Transportation Guide is to increase awareness of transportation opportunities for individuals in need of transportation services. The Transportation Guide will be printed and disseminated across Washington County, and available through electronic media venues.

Next Steps: There are several existing planning documents in Washington County with inventory and policy direction on transportation to support future development. An initial task is to assemble these existing plans, to identify information gaps, update where more recent data is available, and consult with workgroup members and stakeholders on the relevance and priority of the policies they contain.

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